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Designing Kitchen Counters

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Designing Kitchen Counters

Close your eyes for a minute.

When you think of the word "kitchen," what comes to mind? Maybe you remember the stovetop-oven-broiler combo where all of your tasty, hot food is prepared. From piping hot beef and vegetable stew to steaming chewy chocolate chip cookies and fresh Halibut in lemon sauce, many people would argue that the finished product is what matters. For others, the refrigerator is the secret vault of the kitchen. If you want a cold soda, fresh eggs, or a gallon of Ultimate Persimmon Fudge Ice Cream, the fridge does it for you. Still, others cherish the smaller appliances. The blender can whip up a shake in minutes. The electric mixer saves a load of energy needed for manual mixing. And the coffee maker makes mornings a little more bearable. But we must never forget the counter, or the kitchen counter stools that can accompany it.

Simple Yet Invaluable

A kitchen counter is pretty basic. Although it can have fancy designs and be made of various materials, they are all basically flat and solid. But forget about a counter’s form for a while, and focus on its function. Counters can include wood chopping blocks for preparing meats and vegetables. And they can hold those all-important serving plates that transfer food - from the kitchen to the dining room. In a nutshell, the counter is where much of the food preparation is done in the kitchen. For those times when standing on your feet is torture, sit down and relax on one of many kitchen counter stools, to cut up vegetables or place cookie dough batter on a baking sheet.

A Super Stool

What makes kitchen counter stools different from other stools is their flexibility. They can have various features, such as a backrest, vertical adjustability, and a swivel feature. These benefits can be particularly useful in the kitchen, which is much more mobile than a dining room. A kitchen counter stool could move from a kitchen counter, to a kitchen island, over to the dining room table, and then back to the counter!

A Match Made in the Kitchen

While kitchen counter stools tend to be very versatile, you should still follow by www.wulingmakassar.org guidelines when searching for one to fill your kitchen.

1. The stools should complement the furnishings that already exist in your kitchen. Here is a method for finding the perfect stools for your kitchen. Take photos of your kitchen in different light, and at different angles. Then scan those pictures onto your PC, so you have a reference when you shop for kitchen counter stools.

2. One thing you must consider is the material used to make kitchen counter stools. You could choose a wood stool. Its material will match that of your cabinet’s. Also, there is a lot of shiny metal in kitchens. So stools with chrome plating and a neutral colored seat such as black or tan are outstanding.

3. When considering the color of the stools, it is always safe to pick natural wood or colors that are neutral.

Whether you are in the kitchen preparing a marinade for beefsteak, or tossing a chef salad, a kitchen counter is more than a flat surface: it is your culinary canvas. So choose kitchen counter stools that will look great and work well there.

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