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Choose Good-Quality Bath Towels for Sheer Decadence

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Choose Good-Quality Bath Towels for Sheer Decadence

Though many people think spring is the traditional time to clean their houses, a spring clean can be done at any time of year. Changing the appearance of rooms throughout the home can take a lot of work, but in some rooms it can be as easy as investing in new linen or cushions.

Cosy and Inviting

Even though it is nice to freshen up the house in spring, letting the outside come in and preparing for the (hopefully) warmer days ahead, many people like to make changes in the autumn. The start of colder weather heralds a time when people start to spend more time in their homes, which is why so many people choose to make their homes cosy and inviting ahead of winter.

If you really want to change the appearance of a room, you may need to have a complete revamp; a new colour scheme, fresh paint, wallpaper and perhaps carpets and even furniture are common changes. This is a big job, a lot of work and money can go into a project like this. Sometimes, however, a room make-over can be as simple as making the effort to buy towels.

Redecorating the bathroom can be a really big job, not least because tiling and grouting are so difficult. However, your bathroom or cloakroom can benefit from the look of a makeover with one simple purchase. New fluffy towels, either in plain white or perhaps a colour that matches, enhances or contrasts the existing colour scheme, can bring new life to your bathroom.


Good-quality towels don't have to cost the earth, but it really is worth investing in a product that is both luxurious and stylish. You really can't beat stepping out of the bath or shower and encasing yourself completely in something fluffy and comforting. A good make such as Christy will often be available with matching bathroom mats and even robes if you really want to go to town with it.

A good-quality bath or hand towel will be terry cloth; the hundreds of tiny cotton loops increase the absorbency and create the soft feeling. When choosing towels, look closely at the loops. If they stand up straight and feel soft when you run your hand over them, chances are you have a decent towel. If they feel a little rough and lay flat, this is an indication of poor quality.

Look at the type of cotton used to manufacture the towel. Egyptian, Brazilian or Supima cottons have long fibres and make the softest, most absorbent towels in the world. Hygro cotton is something new on the market. This special cotton fibre has a hollow core, which traps air making it extra fluffy. Tumble dry these towels for the most luxurious out-of-the-bath experience ever.

Towels of course come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Bath sheets are the largest towels, the ones you can wrap up in entirely. Bath towels are a little smaller, but they are more than adequate for the job. Hand towels or guest towels are for the cloakroom or towel rail next to the basin.

You can go for classic cream or white; being cotton, a good-quality towel will wash beautifully each time. Coloured towels that complement your bathroom colour scheme will also look good, but coloured towels of a lesser quality will fade and run.

Nothing looks better or more inviting in a bathroom or a guest room than a nice fluffy towel stack. Towels are such a simple pleasure, but with a little care they can be totally decadent.

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